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I choose the Wall Street Journal, and their Marketing graph. This graph shows the different stock markets and drop or raise in all of the different ones, but then it shows the line graph of the drop and raise too. But you can also slide the mouse from side to side and see the exact amount depending on where you stop on the scale. The reason for this, is to show you all the abundant amount of data, but break it down depending on the reader and how they would prefer to see the results. You can either see the total raise or loss, or you can scale it and see the dollar amount, but you can also see how the U.S is doing comparison to the other countries.


Comment on this statement

I agree coping all those documents would not have been possible, and I believe the government is still listening. As we grow increasingly dependent on the Internet and cell phones for all aspects of our lives, government abuse of citizens’ privacy requires the cooperation of the private sector. ( MacKinnon, R. (2012).  Under two successive administrations, new laws, policies and corporate practices have made it much easier for government agencies to track and access citizens’ private digital communications from their storage “in the cloud” than it is for agents to search or monitor our physical homes, offices, vehicles, and mail. MacKinnon, R. (2012).


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