1. A sum of $3,700 is invested, part of it at 10% interest and the remainder at 12%. If the
interest earned by the 12% investment is $169 more than the interest earned by the 10%
investment, find the amount invested at each rate.
3. Factor the following perfect square trinomial.

5. In 2003 the average speed of the winner of a race was 139.15 miles per hour. In 2000 the
average speed of the winner was 153.751 miles per hour. How much faster was the
average speed of the winner in 2000 compared to the winner in 2003?
6. In an office building, a room contains 30 chairs. The number of chairs per row is 4 less
than twice the number of rows. Find the number of rows.

7. On the figure you can see a graph of the equation y = -x + c. Define the parameter c.

8. Fawn invested a certain amount of money at 8% interest and $200 more than that amount
at 11%. Her total yearly interest was $44.8. How much did she invest at 8% rate?
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10. The sum of two numbers is 48. If the larger is divided by the smaller, the quotient is 10
and the remainder is 4. Find the numbers.

11. Tickets for a concert were priced at $5 for students and $9 for nonstudents. There were
1,600 tickets sold for a total of $9,132. How many student tickets were sold?


14. Write the equation of the line that satisfies the given condition: x intercept of 3 and y
intercept of –12. Express the final equation in standard form.

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