I need Help with this road trip budget.


Directions : Make a budget for a road trip to your favorite destination.




Materials : State and local highway maps for each group, calculators (optional)




Background Planning : a road trip involves several mathematical computations. For


instance, the total distance to be traveled and the estimated cost for gas can


be calculated using the concepts learned in this chapter.




1. Before you begin your calculations, select a destination for a road trip you could take on a long weekend.












2. Using the appropriate state and local highway map(s), highlight the route you would take to get to your destination and back home again. Calculate the total distance you would need to drive.




Round this distance to the nearest hundred.


Total distance:




Estimated distance:




3. Estimate the gallons of gas you would need for your trip. Use the miles per gallon (mpg) rating on one of your vehicle. Then calculate the total cost of the gas. Use


the price per gallon of gas in your area.




Gallons of gas needed:




Total cost for gas:




4. Now decide how many days and nights it would take to complete the trip. Then calculate the cost for the accommodations.




Days of travel:




Number of nights’ accommodation:




Total cost for accommodations:




5. Based on the days of travel, calculate how many meals you would need to eat during the trip.  Then calculate the cost of the meals for all the people on this trip.




Number of meals per person:




Total number of meals:




Cost for meals:




6. Summarize your estimated costs below. Include a reasonable figure for the cost of


miscellaneous items. These might include the cost of admission tickets, souvenirs, parking, and tolls.




Item Estimated Cost
























As you can see, planning a budget for a road trip involves the operations of


addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as estimation.


Use the steps given in this activity to plan a road trip for yourself and


family or friends.


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