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A friend tells you he only needs a 25% on the final exam to pass his statistics class, and since the exams are always multiple choice with four possible answers he can randomly guess at the answers and still get 25%. Use what you have learned about the binomial distribution to answer the following questions.

Response parameters:

What do you think about your friend’s idea?


What do you think his chances of getting at least 25% on the exam are?

Do the number of questions on the exam make a difference? If it does, should your friend hope for a 20 question exam or a 100 question exam.

(Tip: it may help if you create a table of Binary probabilities with p = 0.25 and n = number of questions on the exam. Also, don’t confuse the probability of getting exactly 25% of the questions correct and getting at least 25% of the questions correct)

Draft your post in Word, or some other text editor, then paste the final version into the Discussion Board.

Exemplar response provided: Click here  to see a discussion response example.