qrb501 wk2

due in 2 hours


1. a trading company purchased video and digital cameras from a producer for its bew store with a total of $137,229. the order has a trade discount of 28%. us the net price to find the merchandise. the total net price is $?


2. a company manages an electronic equipment store and has ordered 100 remote controlled color tvs for a special sale. the list price for each tv is $250 with a trade discount series of 5/8/2. find the net price of the order by using the net decimal equivalent. the total net price is $?


3. one manufacturer is calculating the trade discount on a dog kennel with a list price of $295 and a trade discount series of 11/10/10. what is the trade discount? what is the net price for kennel?


4. a television game device has a list price of $244 and a trade discount series of 13/15. find the net price and discount trade discount. the net price is $? the trade discount is $? (type an integer or decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth as needed)


5. a man received an invoice dated march 9, with term 3/10, n30 amounting to $550. he paid the bill on march 12. how much was the cash discount?


6. a man gets an invoice for $450 with terms 2/10, 1/15, n30. how mych would he pay 24 days after the invoice date?


7. an invoice for a camcorder that cost $1,270 is dated August 1, with sales terms of 2/10 EOM. if the bill is paid on september 5, how much is due?


8 an invoice for $200 is dated Oct 2, and has sales term of 5/10 ROG. the merchanduse arrives Oct 9. How much is due if the bill is paid Oct 14?


9. a machine shop received a shipment of goods from a distributor. the bill of lading was marked FOB-shipping. who paid the freight? to whom was the freight paid?

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