Math project – El Professori only

The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice in the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics provide one vision of doing mathematics. While grade-specific content standards make up the body of CCSSM, it begins with the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice. These mathematical practices describe what it means to do mathematics and should therefore permeate mathematics instruction across grade levels and content areas. Careful integration of the mathematical practices into classroom instruction is of particular importance because mathematics content is often addressed and assessed over mathematical practice and process.


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After reading the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice:

1.  tell which of the NCTM five Process Standards each practice makes a connection

2. give a short reasoning for the connection between the CCSSM practice and the NCTM   

    Process Standard


3. if you notice a connection between the CCSSM practice and an NCTM content standard, list  

    the NCTM content standard to which you see a connection and give a reason for this 




You are to:

1.  Cover the subject as asked.  Stick to the questions. 

2.  Demonstrate your knowledge of the material.  She expects you to engage yourself with the material.  I think she might allow for some personal experience, but wants to see how thoroughly you have familiarized yourself with the course material.

3.  Provide applications to the classroom.

4.  Use the correct citations, if you have any references.