3 STATS Questions DUE in 1 HOUR HELP



1. Each member of the high school faculty has been surveyed about recommending a new vehicle for my next purchase.

a. N, The number of trials =

b. The possible outcomes=

c. Is there a binomial situation here?


2. (Determine Whether the situation is indeed a binomial. IF SO, identify n,x,p,q,s, and f.)


a. The manager of a hospital is concerned with the speed and cosistency of room calls at night. She beleives that 80% of all room calls should be answered within 3 minutes. Last evening, there where 73 room calls and 62 of them were within the 3 mintute limit.


b. Carlos wrote a book called “risks and chances of everyday odds. In this book, Carlos claims 72% of all AMerican single men responded that yes, indeed they would welcome a woman taking the initiative to ask him out on a date. If we took a random sample of 20 single men, what are the chances 18 of them would say yes?





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