If your willing to start immediately and complete week 3,4,5. of the pie and then go back to complete weeks 1,& 2 reviews.(ashford)

The difference is in weeks 3,4,5, their will be assignments usually consisting of 2 of them per week and usually only 10 questions each. In weeks 1,2. just completing the reviews is what is left, no assignments.Must be knowledagable . week 1: Real Numbers and Their Properties week 2:.Solving Linear Equations and inequalities. week 3: Graphing Linear equations week 4 :working with Polynomials week 5:Factoring Polynomial expressions. COM[PLETING WEEKS 3,4,5 Is first and most important. Need to start immediately. Thank you!Week 1: Real Numbers and Their Properties FractionsFraction multiplication Converting a decimal to a proper fraction in simplest form: Advanced Converting between percentages and decimals Addition and Subtraction of Real NumbersInteger addition: Problem type 1 Multiplication and Division of Real NumbersInteger multiplication and division Exponential Expressions and the Order of OperationsIntroduction to exponents Order of operations with whole numbers Algebraic ExpressionsPerimeter of a square or a rectangle Writing a one-step variable expression for a real-world situation Properties of the Real NumbersThe reciprocal of a number Distributive property: Whole number coefficients Using the Properties to Simplify ExpressionsCombining like terms: Whole number coefficients    


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