Question 1

How do you differentiate between an expression and an equation? Provide an example of each, where the two are either related to or similar to each other. 

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Question 2

Are the properties used to solve inequalities the same as those used to solve equations? Explain your answer

Question 3

How might you graph an equation in two variables in the rectangular coordinate system? 

Question 4

For people filing a single return, federal income tax is a function of adjusted gross income, because for each value of adjusted gross income, there is a specific tax to be paid. By contrast, the price of a house is not a function of the lot size on which the house sits because houses on same-sized lots can sell for many different prices. 

o   What other situations between two variables in everyday life can be described as a function?

o   What other relations between two variables in everyday life cannot be described as a function? 

Please put the answer under each question.

These are dq  questions please give an example for each question.