for michelle lewis only


1. What is science about for young children?

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2. What are two (2) things that both children and a scientist can do?

3. List three (3) ways science is important to young children.

4.  Define formal science, informal science and incidental science.

5. What is inquiry-based learning?  List three (3) ways to promote inquiry-based learning.

6. What are the National Science Education Standards?

7.  Define STEM and STEAM.  What is the difference between the two?

8. List eight (8) activities that combine animals/pets and art activities.

9. Give several suggestions for setting up the discovery center.

10. What are discovery walks? List three (3) follow-up activities to a discovery walk.

11. Define environment and ecology.

12. List seven (7) general ideas on how to incorporate environmental education and ecology into the classroom.

13. What is the teacher’s role in environmental activities in school?

14. List five (5) outcomes of involving children with pets in the classroom

15. List four (4) ideas on how to begin simple science experiences in the classroom.

16. List seven (7) suggestions for nature-related activities.

17. List objects that can be used to foster science experiences with water.

18. List three (3) appropriate rules for water experiences.