2 math question

 1)Shakespear’s Pizza sells 1200 large Vegi Pizzas per week for ​$14 a pizza. When the owner offers a​ $5 discount, the weekly sales increase to 1700 

​(a)Assume a linear relation between the weekly sales​ A(x) and the discount x. Find​ A(x).​(b)Find the value of x that maximizes the weekly revenue. ​

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(c)Answer parts​ (a) and​ (b) if the price of one pizza is ​$7 and all other data are unchanged.

Q: 1. A(x)=( )

2. x = $( )

3. A(x) = ( ), x=$( )

2)Some years ago it was estimated that the demand for steel approximately satisfied the equation p=87-10x​ , and the total cost of producing x units of steel was C(x)=111+47x. 

​(The quantity x was measured in millions of tons and the price and total cost were measured in millions of​ dollars.) Determine the level of production and the corresponding price that maximize the profits. 

Q: 1.The maximum profit occurs at x=( ) Million tons

2. The corresponding price is ( )dollars per ton