Principle of Management

Introduce yourself to your fellow students and instructor by doing the following:

1.  Share your college degree (Healthcare Management) plans by explaining what degree you are pursuing and why you are pursuing this degree

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2.  How you think taking this course will assist you in achieving your personal or professional goals in life.

B.  Define what strategy is then recall your experiences in your current or past work environment. 

1.  What happened when a manager used good strategy in your organization.  

2.  Briefly describe the situation, then discuss the results. 

3.  Please use class material to support your answer.



My name is Danielle Jammer and I am currently pursuing a degree in Occupational Safety and Health Administration because I wanted to work in a field that focused on helping people and keeping them safe in the workplace.  I feel that this course will help me in achieving both my personal and professional goals in life because it will instill the knowledge to administer a plan that I need in order to work with employees and the company by obtaining resources needed to get the job done(Principles of Management. p. 2). 

Strategy is a plan that is used when a company faces a certain situation, for example when competing with other companies so they can achieve it’s objectives and have long term success.  I was privy to a manager at a previous job who used good strategy when we were faced with having to pass a very importan state audit.  The manager set up a set of guidelines for our team to follow on a daily basis and ensured all the resources we needed were available which enable us to achieve our goals and pass the audit.