Applications of Derivatives Poster Task Your Unit

MCV4U: Unit #1-2 Applications of Derivatives Poster Task Your Unit #1-2 Project is to research one specific real-life application of Derivatives! You must create your assignment as a poster (online/paper-take a picture) and this must be one page (or one slide if you use a slideshow program). Research something complex and interesting! Be creative in your poster! Some useful programs: PowerPoint, Google Slides, Paper – take a picture, YOUR EXPECTATIONS: 1. Explain the application by providing some background information and what it is without the math. 2. Describe how/why it is useful to use derivatives for this application 3. Create your OWN word problem regarding this application and provide 4. COMPLETE solutions. Category Level 1(50-59) limited Level 2(60-69) Some Level 3 – (70-79) Considerable Level 4 – (80-89) High Level 4+ (90-100) Extreme Thinking/Inquiry Uses creative/critical thinking in creating word problem Uses creative/critical thinking in solving the word problem 4 5 6 7 8 4 5 6 7 8 4 5 6 7 8 Communication Expression and organization of mathematical thinking (clarity of expression, logical organization) Able to communicate mathematical thinking visually with appropriate representations Communicates mathematical thinking using precise mathematical vocabulary and conventions (terms, symbols) Application Demonstrates how/why Unit #1-2 materials can be used in real-life situations Has shown evidence of research and exploration into the mathematical applications of Unit #1-2 materials in unfamiliar contexts Comments: Total: /24

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