Week 7 Assignment


Modern Organizations and Healthcare – Week 7 Assignment

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Please answer the following questions and cite all references in APA format. Make sure to provide detailed information and at least one current scholarly reference per question. 

Leadership Through Control

·  Specify how the planning process must first be completed before the controlling process can begin by the manager. Determine what the benefits are to the department if the supervisor efficiently carries out the control process.

·  Distinguish why the anticipatory aspect of control is so important to the department. Provide an example of how not looking forward can cause harm? What tools would you use to monitor these outcomes?

·  Compare and contrast tangible and non-tangible standards and provide examples of each. What performance metrics can be used to access each type on standard and how does it all fit into the Controlling Process shown in Exhibit 25.3 of your text?

·  If the department chooses to use the exception principle to monitor the quarterly outcomes, what strategies would you use to fix the high rate of hospital-acquired infections?

·  Explain the various the types of budgeting discussed in Chapter 26. What type of budget plan would you prefer for your Emergency Department as the supervisor? Why?

 Dunn & Haimann’s Healthcare Management: Chapters 25-26