Residents who were training in Family Medicine (FM)

Data Description

Residents who were training in Family Medicine (FM), Internal Medicine (IM), and Psychiatry (Psy) in Southern California volunteered to take special training in educating their community about a health issue.

The residents came from five programs representing each of the specialties, including a FM and IM program that were associated with the military.

The programs were identified as:

· Civilian FM.

· Military FM.

· Civilian IM.

· Military IM.

· Psy.

Residents had to be in their third year or beyond in their residency (Residency Year 3, 4, or 5). The program consisted of six weeks of training.

Residents were tested on their knowledge of the heath issue and their confidence in presenting the material.

Knowledge was assessed via a test, which had a final score with a full range of 5 to 35 points.

Confidence was rated by the course instructors on a scale of 1 to 5, with the mode score of the six raters used as the score.

Assignment Specifics

The data in the SPSS output focuses on the following variables:

· Residency Program.

· Residency Year.

· Gender

· Race.

· Pre-confidence (Confidence 1).

· Post-confidence (Confidence 2).

· Pre-knowledge (Knowledge 1).

· Post-knowledge (Knowledge 2).

· Change in confidence (Dconf).

· Change in knowledge (Dknow). Note: The change was calculated post – pre.

The Explore module of SPSS was used to generate the data for the SPSS output report.



image1.png image2.png

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