use to find the equation of the regression line (round to 3 decimal places).

Ch.3 Problem Life Expectancy – The following table shows the average life expectancy, in years, of a child born in the US in the given year.

t (years since 2000) L: Life expectancy (in years) 0 76.6 2 76.9 4 77.5 6 77.7 8 78.0

10 78.5

a. Plot the data points and determine if the function looks linear. Explain your reasoning.


b. Use to find the equation of the regression line (round to 3 decimal places).



c. Explain in practical terms the meaning of the slope of the regression line.

d. Based on the trend of the regression line, what do you predict as the life expectancy of a child born in 2020.

e. One of your peers looked up in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that in

2020 life expectancy in the US was 77.3, why do you think this is so far off from your regression prediction?

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