Edu 366

Edu 366

1.  The textbook has a great chart on page 156 that illustrates addition and subtraction problem structures. Explain how modeling these problems with manipulatives can help students build meaning around problem solving.

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2. What is the importance of students learning the underlying principles of the fundamental properties of the operations (commutative, associative, distributive, etc.)?  How does this knowledge prepare students for making generalizations and thereby develop their ability to reason algebraically?

3. What to do/What not to do when teaching basic facts is listed on pages 209/210.  Reflect on which one(s) you have particularly strong feelings about.

4.  Chapter 10 focuses on developing whole number place value concepts. What are some ways the hundreds chart can be used to identify and use place value concepts?

5. Chapter 11 focuses on developing strategies for addition and subtraction computation.  How are standard algorithms different from invented strategies?  Explain the benefits of invented strategies over standard algorithms.

6. What misconceptions or limited conceptions do students have regarding variables?  What causes these misconceptions, and how can instruction clear these up?

7.  What are some examples of algebraic reasoning (algebraic thinking) that begin in Kindergarten, and why is it important to start with young learners?

8. List some of the different models that can help support students’ exploration of decimals and how you would use them in your classroom.

9.  The text stresses the importance of teaching percents using contextual examples.  Give some examples of how you would make learning percents relevant to your students.

10.  Chapter 18 focuses on developing measurement concepts. A general instructional plan for measurement has three steps.  Explain how the type of activity used at each step accomplishes the instructional goal.

11.  Three reasons were offered for using nonstandard units instead of standard units in instructional activities.  Which of these seem most important to you and why?