equations of the asymptotes

3×2 + 7x +1 50 – 2x² QUESTION Find the equations of the asymptotes of g(x) = . ! a) Vertical asymptote 14px F10 (Mac). Cumbumassonne temple User Dashboard A A V < -Nm < QUESTION 2 Management. The proft from the sale of x units of a product is P(x) = 1000 – 12 x + 10×2 – x3 14px V a) Find the number of units that leads to a maximum profit : b) What is the maximum profit? For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). V Arial BI V S Paragraph QUESTION Let 10) = 2x² – 6x² – 48 x +5 a) Show the First Derivative Test . Find critical numbers Di Graph sign diagram and show with arrows or signs where the function is increasing; where the function is decreasing. Show in interval notation where the function is increasing or decreasing o Find Relative maximum point (x,y), Relative minimum( x,y) d) Show the Second Derivative Test: el Graph sign diagram; Check with second derivative where is function concave up, where is concave down; Winte in intervals notation where is the function concave up, where is the function concave down. Find the Point(s) of Inflection Status ✓ A QUESTION 3 < And he leatonsand values of all absolute extrema for f(x) = -x2 – 4x +5, [0,4) with domain as spesified v 14px For the toolbar , press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT4FN+F 10 (Mac). v Arial B I f Paragraph QUESTION 4 A farmer has 700 meters of fencing material. He wants to enclose a rectangular field bordering a river, with no fencing along the river. a) Write an expression for the length of the stage. b) Find the area of the stage (aria = length x width) c) Find the value of x leading to the maximum area. d) Find the maximum Area For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). 品色 < Ev A v2 Ix BI V S Paragraph v Arial 14px
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