appropriate techniques and solution

CLO1: Solve the mathematical problem by using appropriate techniques and solution. (C3, LD1)

Instruction: Answer all the question below:

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1.  This problem cover Chapter 2 (Numerical method). Solve:

a) using CROUT method to express L and U value for the matrix A=(8 mark)

b) Solve with initial root=1 using Newton Raphson method.            (9 mark)

2. A carpenter produces chair and stool product. It takes at least 60 hours in producing a chair and 40 hours for stool. Each chair product will take 5days of frame and 10days of craft. Stool product will take 4 days of frame and 4 days of craft.

a) express 2 constraints from the statement                                                    (5 mark)

b) draw a graph for both constraint and shade the inequalities region           (6 mark)

c) Calculate the maximum hours do a carpenter take for 2 days of frame and 5 days of craft.                                                                                                                         (6 mark)