external environment


1._______ are exposed to the external environment. cutaneous membranes  mucous membranes  serous membranes  synovial membranes 2. Which tissues are avascular?  simple columnar epithelium  str

1._______ are exposed to the external environment.

cutaneous membranes

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mucous membranes

serous membranes

synovial membranes

2. Which tissues are avascular?

simple columnar epithelium

stratified squamous epithelial tissue

dense regular connective tissue

hyaline cartilage


bone (osseous) connective tissue


3.If Ruby spilled scalding hot coffee on her lap so that she had second and third degree burns covering the anterior surface of both her upper legs, approximately what percentage of her integument is burned?




4) Match the regions of integument with its tissue type.



superficial layer of the dermis

deeper layer of the dermis

sweat glands


5) Which of the following tissues have lacuna?

hyaline cartilage


elastic connective tissue

bone connective tissue

adipose connective tissue

6) Which of the following are TRUE about sweat glands?

The majority of them are holocrine.

They secrete sweat into the hair shaft.

The majority of the gland is embedded in the reticular layer of the dermis.

Thick skin contains sweat glands.

7) Which of the following is true of epithelial tissue?

Adjacent cells are held together by gap junctions.

It is closely associated with and supported by connective tissue.

It contains a network of capillaries called the basal lamina.

Cells of the epithelial tissue are found in well organized sheets.



8) Which of the following is an example of a mucous membrane?

lining of the lumen of the trachea

lining of the lumen of bladder

lining of knee joint

lining of the thoracic cavity

lining of the abdominal cavity

lining of the external surface of the kidney

the skin

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