double stranded DNA


1) For double stranded DNA, which of the following base ratios should equal one? a.All of these are correct b.(A+G)/(C+T) c.C/G d.(G+T)/(A+C) e.(C+T)/(A+G) 2) If you repeat the okazaki experiment WIT

2) If you repeat the okazaki experiment WITHOUT inactivating DNA ligase, e.g. in a lig+ strain, what would be the expected outcome?

a.Progressive decrease in fragment size

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b.Slower fragment maturation

c.Few short fragments observed.

d.Increased length of RNA primers

e.Increase in number of short fragments

3) The best technique to determine the relative order and spacing of two mutations in phage would be a/an

a.Random mutagenesis

b.Genetic screen

c.Cis test

d.Competitive growth

e.Trans test

5) Which statement describes how DNA binding proteins can interact with double stranded DNA?

a.All of these are true

b.Sequence identity can be read by flipping out bases

c.Sequence parameters can be measured in the minor groove

d.Sequence identity can be read from double stranded DNA

e.DNA can be identified nonspecifically through interactions with the phosphate backbone.