Reproductive Strategies


Reproductive Strategies: Cloning Implications

Reproductive Strategies: Cloning Implications

These videos illustrate different applications of cloning technologies, but are the implications of each different, as well? Are there unique ethical concerns for each application?

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With help from the prompts below, and/or your own question to explore based on the Q-Chart from the Resource Room, express your opinion about the possible consequences of the cloning suggested in the videos. write (one paragraph maximum) of your opinion.

Some suggestions to frame your opinion about the videos:

What is the ultimate goal of the cloning in each video?

Are the possible consequences (positive or negative) different for each cloning idea?

What impact could the cloning have on life already on this planet?

Why would the forms of cloning suggested in the videos be of any ethical concern?

Should there be restrictions/controls on the cloning ideas presented? Another good question created by you!