UST 200


UST 200 Final paper

The culmination of coursework in Introduction to Urban Studies is a written research paper about the future of cities. We cover 17 chapters of city topics in the Introduction to Urban Studies textbook. That means there are at least 17 different aspects, perspectives, and items that comprise a city (and many more specific ones within those chapters). Cities are complex places, with wicked problems, that require interconnected solutions. Multi-faceted approaches are the only showing promise in addressing urban challenges – socially, politically, or environmentally.

Describe the study of cities (define urban studies) and note reasons why the study of cities is important. Select three challenges you feel cities face moving forward and defend your choices with research. You can also select topics outside of the textbook you feel are relevant to the future of cities (just defend its rationale). Your research should cite at least six (6) credible academic sources to support your research, outside of the textbook.

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The product of this research will be a paper of at least 1,200 words (about 5 pages, not counting pictures and the reference pages). It should be formatted as double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1” margins, and page numbers. It should have a Works Cited page listing your sources of information. Links, if applicable, should be functional so I can quickly access the source. Please cite your sources using APA style in your bibliography. A website that can help you with APA style is Citation Machine. This website helps convert your reference information to APA style. Also consider a title page with brief description of its contents to prepare this paper for use in your professional portfolio, but a title page is not required.