Unit VI Assignment



I have included the slides that coincide with each artwork as well as the reference list to the artwork.  The slide numbers are 7, 11, 15, 19, 23 that need to be completed.

Unit VI Assignment

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Art Gallery: Background

For Unit VI of your art gallery presentation, you will be adding a written description of the background information on your artworks to your PowerPoint presentation.Next, research the background and details of your artworks.

Be sure to address the following:

 Describe the time period of the artwork.

 Include information on the artist of the artworks.

 Include facts that relate to your selected art pieces. For example, if your artwork depicts a war, it may be helpful to give information about that war.

Be sure to use APA format during this assignment. It is important to give credit to the source that provided your information. At the end of a sentence where you have information from a source, add a citation. The citation should consist of the author or authors’ last name(s) and the year of publication. For our textbook, it would be (Frank, 2014). If it is a quotation, add a page or paragraph number. For example, a quote from your textbook would look like this: (Frank, 2014, p. 119). Place the full reference for the source on the References slide at the end.