During the 17th century, the Counter-Reformation led to wars of religion, including the Thirty Years War in Germany, and the Eighty Years War, or the Dutch War of Independence.  these wars are considered among two of the most brutal wars in Western history. Superimposed on these wars was the theory of the Divine Right of kings, a political and religious belief where God selected kings and those kings were not subject to earthly authority including the will of the people, the aristocracy or religious leaders. The implication of this theory is that it is sacrilege to attempt to restrict the king’s will.

Part I: In a minimum of two pages, answer the following questions: How were artists affected by the constant warfare of the 17th century? How did the theory of the Divine Right influence artists—or did it?

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Part II: For Unit 3, you will create a work of art inspired by a 17th or 18th century building, painting or sculpture. Before you can complete this project, however, you must understand the development of these works and how the architect/artist was influenced by the historical events during his or her life. Please be sure to review and begin the assignment this week as it is a significant part of your grade for this course. After you have reviewed the assignment, begin your research and submit a one-paragraph outline of your plan for your work of art.