Construction Saftey and Risk Managemnt final term


Construction Saftey and Risk Managemnt final term paper

Hello Dear,

This is my final term research paper in my Construction Saftey and Risk Managemnt class. It is a team project that we were assigned to write a 10 pages research paper as a team about a major construction project that we were asked to pick as a team. We picked the 2012 London Olympics project. As a team, we broke down the work to the three of us, and each of as agreed to take a section of the final term paper to write about, and I was assigned to write a 3-4 pages’ research paper on

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The Project Specific Environmental Issues 

o For each provide a detailed description/analysis of the Top Five Environmental Risks

o Performance Objectives

o Management Strategies

o Responsibilities (Company and individual)

o Monitoring and Reporting-Monitoring and  Corrective Actions

I attach the description file of the term paper. It has all of the description and defiles of the final term paper. But it’s for the whole team I only have to write the specific environmental issues part.

I also want you to write a guideline page that I can use to make the PowerPoint slides and it makes it easy for me to present it. I’m an international student so please write a simple and clear written paper. It should not be complicated.

If you can make a 3 PowerPoint slides about what you gonna write about, so I can use it to present my part.