Construction Management Assignments 1 and 2


Construction Management Assignments 1 and 2

Assignment 1

Panama Canal Case – Read and Answer Questions

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1.Name AND discuss 3 items that were done to minimize project risk

2.Name AND discuss 5 things that could have been done to minimize risk, but were not

3.Name at least 5 additional categories of risk specific to projects of this nature.

Article is attach in the attachment

Assignment 2

Research an article in print or on the WEB that describes a current construction project and identify 5 construction risks specific to that project.

Submit a report (MS Word Document)), minimum of 750 words which is to include::

!. A pdf of the article as an attachment to your submission

2. Your summary of the article describing the project.

3. Your list of  5 potential risks with a description and why you believe that each is  pertinent to the  project you have selected..