Art Object from Home


Art Object from Home

     First, looking at the introduction section of your text before chapter 1, read about the commonalities of VISUAL ARTS: line, shape, mass, form, color, value, texture, composition, perspective. (Use the index to find the exact page numbers.) Try to get a sense of the fact that no matter what the painting or sculpture may look like, all true visual art forms share these common characteristics. (Note: the same is true for music, literature, poetry, architecture. We are only focusing on the visual arts in this assignment.)

Your task is to examine an object in your home and see if you can identify these commonalities in your art object.

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Select some object of art in your home For example, you can select a picture, a vase, even something utilitarian like a cup or a mug. What you select does not have to be a fine piece of art; just select something that you value and like personally.

Using the terms and concepts of VISUAL ARTS described in the introduction (before the first chapter) of your text, describe your object using these terms from your reading.

Be sure to provide examples of each commonality for the object you are describing, to demonstrate your understanding of the terms.

Your description should demonstrate that you understand the terms of the commonalities of art.