art history


art history paper

Compare this suburban site to other freeways, malls, or subdivisions and discuss it within the history of suburbia. If you cannot find exact dates or other information, give approximate data (date range, agency, company, etc.) Compare the interchange, mall or subdivision to others in Southern California or elsewhere. Use the readings for comparisons and historical background.

You are required to use Jonas, Fishman and readings from The Suburb Reader as references. You may use other sources as well. On iLearn under Assignments, I have posted a file with the paper assignments, which includes a list of web sites as a starting point for your research.

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Typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, with 1″ margins on all sides, and notes for all sources. You may use any note format (in text, endnote, or footnote). Please proofread your papers: check for spelling errors, typos, and bad grammar; you will be graded down for such mistakes. If possible, include illustrations, they make your argument clearer. If you use Web sites, you must cite them in a note. Direct use (cutting and pasting) of Web sites without citation will result in a failing grade (F) for the paper. An excellent paper 1) answers all questions and addresses all issues in the assignment; 2) draws on class and research sources and on your observations; 3) adds your insights supported by evidence from the sources; 4) is well organized with an introductory thesis, a body supporting the idea, and a conclusion.