Module 03 Course Project – Architect – Setting Our Target

Now that we have a baseline for our current company directory, it’s time to consider what the new system will look like. Just as we created a model of how the system works now, we need to create a model of the proposed new system.

This is known as the target or ‘to-be’ model. Our baseline gives us a starting point and the target gives us our destination. With those two in hand, we can plot the best path to take to get from the former to the latter.

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The golden rule to consider while designing a solution is “Never take away functionality.” At minimum, the new system should be able to do what the old system did. In addition, your solution should add business value if possible when compared to the existing system. Business value includes improving efficiency, increasing profitability or saving money.

With input from the client (via the Live Classroom and the General Course Questions forum), create a “to-be” model of the new Inisope company directory service using Archimate. Include at least two views in addition to the default view:

  • For the end users
  • For line of business managers

In addition, include a 1-2 page document explaining your model.

Submit your documents in a zip file.