Compare Contrast Essay


Compare Contrast Essay–two FULL pages

In order to learn some of the basic skills necessary to research and develop a formal analysis of a work of art, you will write 2 Compare/Contrast essays> Each essay will compare two works of art found in the textbook. The selection of artworks for each paper is up to the student, but must be selected only from chapters covered in our course (and it is recommended that you choose works that we have covered in our reading previous to the due date of the assignment). You may not write about any work of art that you have already written about in your weekly Discussion Boards.

Please read all 5 pages of this assignment sheet before beginning your work.

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Follow these steps:

First: Follow the Compare/Contrast link and read the Assignment sheet carefully.

Second: Choose any 2 works of art from your book to compare and contrast in your paper. You can choose a work of art from different chapters or from the same chapter.