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For your first assignment, you will explain the meanings behind three pieces of art. You may choose the artworks for your presentation. They can be from your textbook, the Internet, or your home/community. For example, there may be a sculpture in your town with historical or community significance that interests you.  ART 1302, Art Appreciation II 3 Each of the explanations must include the following:   A description of each of the artwork you selected (at least one slide per each artwork).  A description of the meaning of the artwork. Please apply one of the following concepts to your explanation (at least one slide per artwork): o Historical contexts o Physical surroundings o Formal criticism o Ideological criticism o Psychoanalytic criticism o Structuralism o Post-structuralism o Deconstruction o Feminist criticism o Visual culture  A picture of the artwork, if you are able to include one. If the artwork is in your home or community, you should take a picture of the piece and paste the picture into your presentation.  Remember that you must cite your sources according to APA style. Use appropriate backgrounds, colors, and fonts in your slides.  Use the template labeled “Deriving Meaning from Art” located in Course Resources tab in the course menu bar of Blackboard. Be sure to add your own creative elements, including the background and graphics. You may add more than the required number of slides. Also, be sure to utilize the notes section to add additional detail and citations.

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