multiple media


While doing weekly assignments, think about the technique, process or concept that suits you. Continue to work with it throughout…

While doing weekly assignments, think about the technique, process or concept that suits you. Continue to work with it throughout the semester. You may choose to work in the mediums that we are covering (audio/video/powerpoint/text), you may work in another medium if you are competent enough to work in it independently (photoshop, web design, animation), or you may combine multiple media in a single coherent piece or a set of interrelated smaller pieces.

The number of works, amount of pages, or running time your pieces is not as important as is the overall conceptual coherence of your project. Because there’s no way to standardize “how much should I do?” from medium to medium, from project to project, if you are worried about issues of adequate run-time or length or weight for a final project, you must consult me on a case by case basis. A two minute audio piece with multiple layering, effects and samples is quite different qualitatively than a five minute piece with a few cuts, however either one may be acceptable depending on the project. The bottom line is the final piece and its artist statement should reflect a well-considered response to the class and should have the depth and complexity of a project developed over the course of the quarter.

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For an audience/listener/reader, a good rule of thumb is that it should take somewhere between 3 and 7 minutes to understand, unfold, experience; this limit is again subject to variations on a case by case basis, but it’s a good yardstick in the context of the limitations of time available for final critiques and presentation, as well as how much I can give my attention to while grading all your projects. And again, if you are doing still projects, text projects, any project that doesn’t have a strict timeline, or a video project with much editing of both sound and video, then you should take the time to consult with me. (note that consulting with me entails a sit down discussion: quickly asking me if something is “OK” without taking time to sit down with me and work through your ideas and materials is not enough. Please take advantage of office hours early and often, as well as the multiple feedback opportunities, such as crits, in class.)

You will include an artist statement of 500-750 words with this project. As with the other artists statements, this final one should describe the conceptual reasons for your work. You must place the work in context of other similar work, address arguments about the value of such work, and make references to the in-class readings to support your ideas. You must present the work as if you are a professional artist, and not as if you are doing an assignment for a class.

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