System design management HW


System design management HW

1.a. What is aggregate planning and how long is the planning horizon? What demand and capacity manipulators do we use? A manager has prepared a forecast of expected aggregate demand for the next six months. Develop an aggregate plan to meet this demand given this additional information: A level production rate of 100 units per month will be used with regular output. Backorders are allowed, and they are charged at the rate of $8 per unit per month. Inventory holding costs are $1 per unit per month. Determine the cost of this plan if regular time cost is $2 per unit and beginning inventory is zero. Expected demand: 80,100,120,120,100,80 (20 points)

b. What is disaggregation? What are the inputs and outputs for master production scheduling? Prepare a master schedule based on the following information: Week: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Forecast: 100,100,120,120,150,150,180,180. Customer orders: 106,94,65,40,21,9,2,0. Beginning inventory: 145: Schedule production whenever projected-on-hand drops below 20. Production lot size is 250 units. (20 points)

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2. What is MRP? What are the MRP inputs and outputs? Explain the MRP process and give a short example (make up your own data). (20 points)

3. What are the main goals, supporting goals, and building blocks of JIT? (20 points)

4. Talk about scheduling and give short examples of loading with the Hungarian method and sequencing with two priority rules and one performance measure (make up your own data). (20 points)

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