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There will be approximately 25 presentations. This means that your presentations will be short, about 5 or 6 minutes each. You will therefore prepare up to 8 slides

  • A title slide with your presentation title, student name, course name number and section, and quarter/date.
  • Up to six slides summarizing your paper.
  • A final ‘Questions?’ slide, with any references directly cited in the slides.

You do not need to include all the details of your paper in your presentation. Rather, you should present the highlights in a way that is interesting and engaging for your classmates.

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  • You are encouraged to include relevant graphics and images. Please credit any images that you use on your slides.
  • Do not use any video links. The presentations are too short to include videos.
  • Do not cut and paste content from your paper into your presentation.
  • Avoid slides with large blocks of small text. A few concise bullets are preferred.