final project


final project

Your individual assignments throughout the course have been based on the following scenario presented in the Week One Individual Assignment Instructions.

GTI is a company founded in Atlanta, GA in 1996. GTI started with just five employees, but has since grown to over five hundred employees located in ten states and five countries (Nicaragua, Spain, Angola and Singapore). GTI specializes in oil trading and has been very successful at negotiating oil futures to the governments of these countries.

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Due to the relatively rapid growth, the Technology leadership of GTI wants to consolidate all standalone systems in all of their offices into one Enterprise system so that the same employee’s Human Resources data is shared by all offices. The management of GTI have chosen to use Oracle® database for their needs. They have hired you as an Oracle® Enterprise Application Consultant to provide information and make recommendations based on their needs.

This week’s assignment reflects an accumulation of the individual assignments from Weeks One through Six, including:

  • A report describing the advantages and disadvantages of Oracle® Enterprise Application (OEA).
  • An architecture plan on the use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • A description of the use of a middleware service-oriented integration architecture plan.
  • An Enterprise Security solution for a cloud-based system
  • A description Challenges associated with creating a user interface for the OEA.
  • Monitoring and diagnostic tools recommendation

Write a 1/2- to 1-page introduction and a 1/2- to 1-page conclusion for the GTI Enterprise Application Solution. Add the introduction and conclusion to the consolidated project.

Review and consolidate the individual assignments from Weeks One through Six into a 9- to 15-page document, plus the integration diagram, for presentation to the leadership of GTI. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback and comments in your final document.