Homework Sheet

Homework Sheet #5: Logic


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1. Construct the truth table for (p q) (¬p q)


p q ¬p p q ¬p q (p q) (¬p q)




2. Populate the truth table and see whether this statement is correct: p q ≡ ¬q ¬q

p q p q ¬ p ¬q ¬q ¬q



3. Populate the provided truth table for the statement demonstrating De Morgan’s Law: ¬(p q) ↔ ¬p V ¬q

p q            





4. Use truth tables to show whether the following propositions are equivalent:


Proposition 1: p ∧ (q ∧ r)

Proposition 2: (q ∨ q) ∧ (q ∨ r)


p q r          





5. For this logic circuit provide:

a. the propositional logic formula

b. the truth table.


 ¬ (A ∨ B)