In response to Jennifer and Amy, provide advice on the feasibility of their topic area and ask questions about the direction their research would take to help your peers clarify their ideas.

Jennifer post

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The area of psychology that I am interested in researching is developmental psychology.  I am going to start researching if children who eat breakfast do better in school than those who do not. Why I chose this, I am a mom and my kids are completely different. My oldest daughter always ate something before school even if it was a quick muffin as she was running out the door, while my younger daughter refuses to eat breakfast and tells me she’s not a breakfast person. Now, problem with this could be everyone learns different and has there strengths and weaknesses. However, it is something that would be nice to have more insight to.

Amy post

I am interested in psychology because I find it fascinating to learn how the human mind works and why people behave the way they do.  Some areas of psychology I find interesting are behavioral psychology as well as forensic psychology. I wrote two papers about B.F Skinner in my previous courses, so I am thinking of branching out to forensics for the final paper in this course.

Forensic psychology does not relate to my current career. However, if I pursue a master’s degree, I will choose forensic psychology because it is a field that benefits from the practice of psychology. In addition, it would be interesting to find out more information about offenders and what underlying factors are involved in the commission of crimes.

In response to Antonetta and James, discuss any similarities or differences to what they would study.

Antonetta post

I would choose to study archaeology. I have always been wanted to go to Egypt with my dad. To be an archaeologist and to be able to see what I can discover there is a dream come true. Africa is so rich with numerous different cultures and tribes. To learn about what Hatshepsut did and try to discover as much as I could about her would be phenomenal.

I personally would like to work alone especially when projects are due. Just because you can make your own decisions, not being reliant on other people, and I have time management control.

James post

If I had a choice of an anthropological research subject, I would choose one that looked at lost construction and manufacturing processes.  It has always intrigued me that people that lived hundreds or thousands of years ago could produce items we can not today.   We really don’t even have to look back that far for examples.  Some electronics that were used during the initial Apollo missions are impossible to reproduce today.

I believe that working in teams can be a very efficient way to complete tasks.  But that is true only if the team is disciplined and can communicate effectively. The benefit of working alone is that you have a firm grasp of the tasks that need to be done.  The downside is that if you lose the benefit of an outside perspective and can fall victim to your own biases. With that said, my answer is that I would rather work in a team but only if it was the right team.

Reply to Taylor and Jovanique be constructive and professional in your responses.


I think the health of the people in my community is quite good probably it better than average. I have lived in other areas where there is a lot less access to healthcare and options. I think access to healthcare is something that could be changed for the better but there are areas where people live very far from one another and I think this makes it difficult to serve everybody equally. I think education plays a large Factor as well and not everybody retains information the same way unfortunately so there’s a lot of factors that go into veteran at the community’s health. I do think the affordability is one of the biggest factors if we want to improve it we need to make it more available to everyone at a price that doesn’t leave someone considering being unhealthy to save money. Maybe if we had some type of universal healthcare system like other countries we would be on a better balanced scale then what we have at the moment. depending on how far you drive you can see which areas are distinctly more poor.


If I were to take an honest look at the health of my community I would say that our health level is average. In my immediate community, there are a variety of healthcare clinics and offices along with a hospital being less than 5 minutes driving. Another positive is that we have gyms, healthy food businesses, grocery stores and and parks. This provides opportunities to advance ones health and have options available to them. The negative would be is that where I live is known for having heavy traffic areas. The pollution from traffic is the only concern. For the most part its average.

Access to healthcare is extremely vital and important to every human being. I dont think having access should affect having a societal change or vice versa. I think for the most part if anything healthcare has been made much more accessible in todays time than ever before. I would argue that majority of culture expressions, attitudes and groups have helped formed and shaped how much access is available today.