MFM1P0- Culminating Activity

MFM1P0- Culminating Activity

You are a city planner, trying to get the bid for a new city space. This task requires a series of steps and the application of knowledge from the course. We will be working on this activity throughout the entirety of the course, and at the end you will present your proposal to the Mayor (Ms. Pell). There will be one task related to each unit of study. Each task will be assigned at the end of the unit, instead of a unit test. At the end of the course you will incorporate feedback from the design phase and finalize your project. You may make changes from the design phase to the final product (just as many city planners do!) You will present your findings in any way you prefer (a video presentation, an interview with the mayor, a powerpoint, a poster, or any other approved method. Be creative!) You will need to complete a full report with total costs of your design in order for it to be approved by the city. Use the following questions to organize your ideas and show your work. Use proper mathematical communication to ensure your findings are clear and easy to understand. Unit 1: Geometry Unit 2: Algebra Unit 3: Proportions and Ratios Unit 4: Plane Geometry Unit 5: Linear Systems

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Unit 1: Summative Task Your community space must consist of a pool. The pool can be any shape you desire, but keep in mind you will need to be able to calculate the area of the base as well as the volume of the shape. Your pool is required to have a deep end and a shallow end. The deep end and the shallow end must be composed of two different shapes (ex. Semicylinder and a rectangular based prism). To adhere to city guidelines the shallow end of the pool must be 0.5m deep. The deep end of the pool can be between 1.5m deep to 2.5m deep, you can decide what depth you would like it to be. 1. Draw your pool. Be sure to label all dimensions. [3A] 2. You must put a non-slip border around your pool. Calculate how many meters of non slip border you will be required to purchase. [4A] 3. The non-slip border costs $8.75/m. How much will it cost to purchase? [2T]



4. Your pool will need a cover. Determine how much area (hint: this area of the base) you will need to cover your pool. [5A] 5. If the material for a pool cover costs $5.00/m​2​, how much will it cost to cover your pool? [2T] 6. You will need to fill up the pool with water. How many liters of water will your pool hold? [6A] (hint: 1m​3​ = 1000L of water) [2T]



Self Assessment Checklist Use this little checklist to ensure you have meet the expectations!

Have I answer each question

Have I used formulas, and shown all of my work


Do my solutions have units

Have I reviewed material if questions were challenging


Have I included therefore statements for each questions


Have I double checked my calculations