tangent lines

1. (20 points) Find all points (1, y) on the graph of y=sinh- (tan I) at which the tangent lines have slope 1. 2. (20 points) Find the limit lim rsin(2/1). 100 Explain why l’Hospital’s 3. (20 points) Let f(1) = tan-11 and g(0) = tanh 1. Compare the limits lim f(1) f'(31) and lim 1700 g(1) 170 g'(:1) rule does not apply. sin -1 dr. 4. (20 points) Evaluate the integral si 5. (20 points) Evaluate the integral (sin z) ––dr. Bonus Problem. (20 points) Evaluate the integral Li I sin – rd.r. Results in problem #4 might or might not be helpful. ata (x12 ) sec? (x2) sinya 2 tacxia) Ittor(+12) atacX/2) sec? (x2)
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