Pythagoras and The Famous Pythagorean Theorem

Module 3 & 4 the Story of Pythagoras and The Famous Pythagorean Theorem Paper


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Make sure to look at the origins of the ideas in places outside of Europe.

When, where, why, and how did these ideas originate?  Who did this work? What were their main ideas and breakthroughs?

You can get started brainstorming ideas by watching:

  • the Story of Maths episodes from the BBC embedded in Modules 3 & 4
  • the videos on Indian Mathematics embedded in Modules 1 & 4
  • the al-Khwarizmi algebra episodes embedded in Module
  • Do some research on the Asian (or other non-European) roots of arithmetic and algebra.  Find at least two high-quality sources.
    You may also be interested in the St. Andrew’s math history website:
    or the Story of Mathematics website