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Psychology 320 Paper Assignment: Examination of a Research Article For this assignment, you will need to read and understand a published psychological research article. You will write a brief (approximately 2 page double spaced – though don’t worry if it goes longer) report on this article, focusing on the results of the analyses conducted (as described below). The article you use for this assignment must be one of the articles specifically posted on Canvas for your use, and you may choose any of the posted articles. The paper should be written in narrative form (i.e., complete sentences and paragraphs), not in bullet point list form. Make sure you cover all of the points listed below. **Be very careful not to plagiarize! That means don’t directly copy sentences and explanations out of the article – everything must be in your own words!! Also, don’t quote anything from the article – ONLY paraphrase.** 1. Please indicate which article you have chosen, and briefly describe what the study is about. In addition, what is the population under investigation (as defined by the author, or as you can infer/guess)? What is the size of the sample? 2. List each of the independent variables, their levels (if applicable), and what type of variable (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) each is. 3. List each of the dependent variables, their levels (if applicable) and what type of variable each is. 4. What are the selected hypotheses being tested (as stated by the authors)? 5. Describe the statistical procedures that were performed to test each hypothesis. For each procedure done, answer the following questions: o What type of test was done? o What variables were involved? o Why was this particular test done to analyze these variables? Be specific! For example, if they used a paired t-test, you should explain why a t-test was used at all, but also why specifically a paired t-test. Your answer should be based on the number of variables, their types, and/or their levels. o What were the numerical results of the test(s)? (For example, F(2,8)=5.60, p
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