MTH 103 Lab 1

MTH 103 Lab 1 (4.3/4.5/4.8) (ALL WORK REQUIRED) 1) Solve the following equation. −4(𝑥 + 5) − 2𝑥 = 2(𝑥 + 2) 2) Owners of a recreation area are filling a small pond with water. They are adding water at a rate of 30 liters per minute. There are 400 liters in the pond to start. Let W represent the amount of water in the pond (in liters), and let T represent the number of minutes that water has been added. Write a linear equation relating W to T. Then determine how many liters are in the pond after 45 minutes. 3) Find the solution of the inequality: −2𝑥 − 1 < −11 Show your solution on a number line. 4) 𝐾=59(𝐹+459.67) is the formula that converts Fahrenheit temperature to Kelvin. The range of temperature on the planet Mars in the summer is -35ᵒ Fahrenheit to 62ᵒ Fahrenheit. State the range of the temperatures in Kelvin. Round decimals to the nearest tenth. 5) A student has test scores of 65%, 77%, and 82% on the 3 midterm exams in the course. The final exam is worth twice as much as the other exams. What score is needed for the student to end up with a minimum exam average of 81%? 6) Given the formula A = ½ h ( b1 + b2) . Rewrite this solving for b2 . (This is the formula for finding the area of a trapezoid…)
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