MAT 117 – SPRING 2021 PROBLEM SET #4 NAME: ________________________ (1 point) Directions: Complete the problems on this sheet. All problems must be completed by the end of class to earn full credit. Show all work and include appropriate units where applicable. Box all final answers. 1. [7 pts] Back in November 1993, there was a huge blizzard in Geneseo, NY (only about 90 minutes from the Canadian border) where Mr. Fishman was attending college. Mr. Fishman participated in the most epic snowball fight that night involving hundreds of students at the university. If Mr. Fishman traveled to Canada after the event and checked into a hotel, he would want to warm up by setting the thermostat to a comfortable 77 degrees. However, Canada uses the Celsius scale for temperature. Luckily, Mr. Fishman knows the Freezing Points (0 degrees Celsius = 32 degrees Fahrenheit) and Boiling Points (100 degrees Celsius = 212 degrees Fahrenheit) of both scales and that the relationship between the two scales is linear. At what temperature should Mr. Fishman set the thermostat to get the desired temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit? (Show all work as to how you create the appropriate conversion equation and ultimately how you used this to arrive at your answer). 2. [7 pts] Consider the function 𝑓 (π‘₯ ) = 4π‘₯ 5 + 8π‘₯ 4 βˆ’ 60π‘₯ 3 Final all zeros of 𝑓(π‘₯) by first factoring the function completely. Show all work as if you did not have a calculator. 3. a. [5 pts] Miss Kito decides to invest some of her money in an account gaining 7% interest compounded continuously. She ultimately would like to purchase a $15000 car. How much would she have to invest initially to have the necessary money in 5 years? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar. Note: For continuous compounding you can use the formula: 𝐴 = 𝑃𝑒 π‘Ÿπ‘‘ b. [5 pts] Miss Kito realizes she only has $8000 to invest, which is less than she would need as discovered in part a. If she invests all $8000 in the same account described above, how long would it take for her to reach the $15000 she needs? Round to the nearest whole year. 4. [2 pts] Fill in the blank to answer this question: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 _____ 9!!
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