IntErmediute Algebra

IntErmediute Algebra prueb red Final Era raimtirn Eranr Humbqn IE04{fg Prwhl= th= enm*rforecch pmhhnr h=|+try, ia*orth eppruqinrtt=ly E.F peink qu+=tian HutSahrx rll rr*rkprdredsnstE find theerercr. Eeh 1, Simplifu the follsr,ning extrres*ion, (ny-u r’ E, * ?I–E.t’j= Jan haE a Piece of string’ The strin g is 108 inche=. He cutr the string ints three different piecer. ene trieeB is tsyc inches lcngerthan the shertertpieee and the – – piere ir faur inchee longerthan the ahartest piece, FJhat’s the length af the lonpeit pi*.*T longest Hrite the equatlem sf the line pFEEing thrsugh {-g, Si and parallelte thE linE}_ = ?r * 6, 4. Srrlse the system ef equationr given below 3x+y+e:14 3x+4y*.a:35 K+Ey-?E=3$ 5. Eivide the pelynom ials, 3.f +txl+? x+E 356485t f6erffx*rd u* rererx si{eJ May 12,2Q21 MS VALERIE TESSIER 70713907 6. Find the product, i4x-3ii3x+E] 7. Sslve the f*llawing prsFsrtion x+3 2x+? E3U E. Slrnplifg the following expres=ian f ully. 11 -*E& T_T AE S. Sirn plifu th e fallowin g rad ical. i,qt*GE 1fi, Sirnplifu the following expres=len, *,5*.JE ll 5olvethe foll*wing inequality, SJritethe solution in intervalnctatign and graph it, l3r+71 =3fi -= :1il -E 17 ?Yhati= the slope of a linethraugh the points i5_ 1= Simplify the followin g exFressian. -=: i-=]= + 33 -. and fl, -J!? {-ii 14. Factor eanrpletely 3#y+3ry-30y {&a$m-ed an ae.rf g:gei FnrcEred Final Exa nrinutbn 74713907 MS VALERIE TESSIER 15. Srlvethe following inequali\r and graph it= soluti on on the nurnbEr line, -2x-3=7 -!*-*-8-7€€ -4-3-E: -3 15. The forrnulaforthe surface area f*J of a cylinder$s’ith radiusr and heightf’: i= given by A = ?nrz * f nrfi, Solve thi= fsrnru la for ft, 17, Th= Sarnuan rncs= spider has an asErEge bedy lenqth +f 0,EE$3 rReters, ?Tritethi= nurnber in = rientific n otation. 18, ?Yh at is th e eq u atien 1q. Sirn of a vertical lin e th r*u gh the paint i -3, 5f plify th e followin g express ion. 31rE-+1 3*. lf fp1 :3x-1ands(4:3x* 5. what i= fre(-3ii? ?1, Graph the following equation. 3x-3y:12 v i&nlJn!-ed sr Frccbrcd Finql Err rninatbn rre rf FJ gre re j MS VALERIE TESSIER 707139A7 I7. Hrite =n equation sf a line esntaininq p, -3! and perpendieulartoSx * 4y : 14 ?3, Write the dornain in intersal notati+n. f(*)=*= ?4 T”.:o a ng le= are =u pplern entary. Th ree ti rn es th e rf the other. Find the rneEsurE of each xngle, ?E Solve the ra dica I =q rn eas ure of one an gla is 30* mcre than the rre6Eure uation, ,,,FT= + ?6, Solve this =y=tenr @ the substitution rnethed, sfr’+ ?y = _y= 1E x-F4 27. Simplifu thi= exprersion, ?i4x+1J-{r+3j IE, kYhen solving a sy=tern of equations using the add itisr: sr yuu tell =ubstituti sn nrethud, hs*i can if a =ystern ha= infinitely rfi anlr ar rio solution Hh af I the relatien sh ip bete,.een the g raph s in =? the= e situ atian s? FreEbred Final Exa rninatbn
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