inequality symbolically

Solve the inequality symbolically. Express the solution set in interval notation.

1-x/4 < 2x-2/7

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A screenshot of this problem is provided for clarification. Answer the other questions posted below.

Some discussion points you can address this week:

1. In finance, simple interest is a linear growth of interest over time. How would you describe what simple interest is to a 5 year old?

2. Let’s say you invested some money in an account and had an option to choose Linear Growth for your returns, or Exponential Growth instead. Which one might you choose and why?

3. What is the coolest looking inequality you can draw on Desmos?

4. If you saw an ad that said: “you can save up to 50% on a new car!”, what would that look like as an inequality? Do you think most people actually save 50%?