Gantt char

Create a Word document with solutions for the following three (3) problems: Problem #1: What are the correct truth tables for the expressions below: 1.png 2. -(x^y) 3. -(a b) Problem #2: Suppose that A={Diabetes, AIDS,PTSD} are diagnoses for patient 1, B= { Cancer, Dementia, AIDS} are diagnoses for patient 2, and C= {Diabetes, Liver Disease, PTSD} are diagnoses for patient 3 What are contents of sets: AUB А ПВ AIC Problem #3: A doctor knows that the disease meningitis causes the patient to have a stiff neck 50 % of the time. The doctor also knows that the probability that the patient has meningitis is 1 in 50,000. And the probability that any patient has stiff neck is 1 in 20. Find the probability that a patient with the stiff neck has meningitis. P(stiff_neck|meningitis ) = 0.5 P(meningitis) = 1/50,000 P(stiff_neck) = 1/20 P(meningitis stiff_neck) = ? 1. Create a task schedule for the following datathat starts Dec 01 2020 using GanttProject. Assume that one can work 7 days a week and 30 days a month: Code Description of Activity Immediate Precedence Duration (days) 30 1 FESSERE 2 Strategic plan phase Team formation Finish with 3 40 3 Finish with 1 100 Master facility plan Space programming 4 Finish with 3 60 2. Show a Gantt chart for the schedule. Make sure that the chart shows the time scale on quarterly basis. Make sure that the chart shows the critical path. 3. Create the chart and copy the chart into a word document (do not provide your project management files)
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