Find the velocity of the particle at time

[3marks] 3. The position function of a particle that moves in a straight line is s(t ) = 2 t + cos(2 t ) [5 marks] a) Find the velocity of the particle at time t b) For what values of t in the interval 0  t  3 is the particle at rest? c) What is the maximum velocity of the particle? 4. The value of an investment is modelled by 𝐴(𝑡) = 𝐴0 𝑒 0.065𝑡 , where A is the amount the investment is worth after t years and A0 is the initial amount invested [6 marks] a) If the initial amount was $3000, what is the value of the investment after 5 years? b) How long will take for the investment to double in value? c) At what rate is the investment growing at the time when its value has doubled?
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