EDUC 530 ERROR ANALYSIS CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS You will write a current APA-formatted report responding to each of the case study prompts listed below. Your paper must be at least 1,200 words, and it must include proper headings and subheadings that are aligned with the grading rubric domains. Access the Iris Center Case Study Unit: Identifying and Addressing Student Errors from the Module 5 Learn material. Read through the Case Study Unit, including all scenarios and the STAR (Strategies and Resources) Sheet. Case Study Level A, Case 1 – Dalton (p. 3) Student: Dalton • Read Dalton’s scenario. • Read the possible strategies and resources (STAR Sheets pp. 13-29) listed for Identifying and Addressing Student Errors. o What type(s) of errors is evident o How might you determine the reason students make this kind of error

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