Problem #2: The Cornu Spiral (5 points) Chapter 12, page 869. The evaluation is based on the (3/2) model. CORNU SPIRAL The cornu spiral is given by 2(e) ” – [com(*) du and ule) = sin du. The spiral shown in the figure was plotted over the interval – St. a. Find the arc length of this curve from t=002= ANNER Explain I have 3 parts to address, but they are related to one another, so this is where I would start… Deliver Now I am going to carry out my process and check to see if I get the answers that are posted. b. Find the curvature of the graph when ANSWER c. The comu spiral was discovered by James Bemouli He found that the spiral has an amazing relationship between curvature and are length ANSWER What is this relationship?
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